Kalami on Film

In 1978 Kalami was a featured location in the movie 'The Greek Tycoon'. Starring Anthony Quinn and Jaqueline Bisset, the script is loosely based on Aristotle Onassis and his relationship with Jacqueline Kennedy.

Kalami also featured in the 1981 James Bond movie 'For Your Eyes Only'. The movie starred Roger Moore and was directed by John Glen. Kalami was used as the location where the character Melina visits her parents and they are later killed here by villian Hector Gonzales. A number of other scenes were also shot for the movie on Corfu.

Kalami has also featured in many TV programmes. Notably, Rock Stein waxes lyrical about the bay and its connections with the Durrell family inane of his programmes about food in Greece. A You Tube video from the programme can be viewed by clicking here